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Advanced English Vocab Quiz °4

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Three ways to say: unclear

Three ways to say unlcear

Synonyms Rock!

unclear (adj.) means not easy to see, hear or understand. It can mean ambiguous, when something isn’t obvious or definite.  

Three ways to say unclear: unsettled, debatable, doubtful

LEARNING TIP: native speakers of English hate using the same word over and over again and often use synonyms. Next time you read something in English, look out for this and see how many synonyms you can spot!

Collocations: with

Collocations with

I have been so busy with work, I forgot to do the online check-in for my trip (true story!) 😏


Collocations are words that go together naturally in English. Learning collocations is essential for making your English sound fluent and natural



Slang: Don't have a cow

English slang Don't have a cow

Learning slang is a good way to upgrade your native-level vocabulary (especially your comprehension)


Slang terms should only be used in informal situations!


Style: polite language

Polite and diplomatic Language

Using polite and diplomatic English can make you look more professional and sound more fluent when dealing with English speakers, especially at work. 

Why not check out this lesson over the weekend and brush up on this style. (You’ll need about 15-20 minutes for this lesson). 

Idiom: by the book

idiom by the book

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